• Watercolor Sketchbook Workshop with Leah Goren

    We are so excited to have our next our workshop on the calendar. Artist and illustrator Leah Goren will be coming to the studio on Tuesday, July 9 to teach a workshop on keeping a sketchbook using watercolor and other media. Sketching can be a powerful creative outlet, planning tool, or meditative process. Regardless of the way that you might want to use your sketchbook, you'll go home armed with the tools, materials, and inspiration you need to sketch all summer long. We can't wait! 

    Each participant will go home with one of Leah's favorite binderboard sketchbooks (pictured here), a watercolor set, and other surprises for doodling in your new favorite sidekick. Tickets are availble here (very limited space in our studio, so look forward to a small crowd!).